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Projects & Research

Iceland GeoSurvey‘s team of specialists, scientists, technicians and consultants have worked on geothermal projects all over the world. 

ISOR’s team of specialists, scientists, technicians and consultants have worked on geothermal projects all over the world. Our consultancy services cover a broad range of activities in the geothermal development space, such as exploration, development and environmental monitoring. For more check out our Services. Learn more about a small selection of our involvement in geothermal projects in Iceland and some of our international work below.

Project locations

ÍSOR Projects Map

Selected list of customers


ÍSOR has provided almost all the research carried out in the geothermal fields in Iceland as well as the volumetric assessment, numerical modelling, conceptual modelling, siting of all wells, testing of wells and providing all consultancy and monitoring of the drilling itself as well as reservoir management and monitoring.

Olkaria, Kenya

ÍSOR has been providing services including resource evaluation, utilization, training and feasibility studies.


ÍSOR was the lead in this 5-year geothermal capacity building program by Iceland’s ICEIDA in cooperation with Nicaraguan government agencies.

Dominica, Caribbean

ÍSOR supported Iceland Drilling in providing drilling and related services to the geothermal power project on the Caribbean island state of Dominica.


One of the projects in the Philippines was in Mindora and included partial surface exploration, drilling and flow testing.

Space Heating, Himalayas, India

Small demonstration project for utilization of low-temperature geothermal water for space heating.

Cooperation projects in East Africa

Together with several cooperation partners, ÍSOR has worked extensively across the East African region providing services to developers, governments, government agencies, donors and financial institutions.

Cooperation projects
in Latin America & Asia

Together with partners, ÍSOR has also worked for clients in Chile, Indonesia and China.

Cooperation projects
in Europe

ÍSOR has also worked across key geothermal regions in Europe for European and international clients.


Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR) takes part in many research projects, both to expand their own understanding and to search for ground breaking knowledge in the field of earth sciences and geothermal energy. The research projects are supported of energy companies or domestic and foreign research funds, such as the European Union and the Geothermal Research Group (GEORG) of which ÍSOR is a part.

Below is a list of few research projects: [pages linked to old ISOR Website]