GeoWell - Innovative materials and designs for long-life high-temperature geothermal wells

Partners: Research institutions: ÍSOR in Iceland, IRIS in Norway, GFZ in Germany, TNO in the Netherlands and BRGM in France. Industrial companies: Statoil in Norway, HS Orka in Iceland and Akiet in the Netherlands.

Coordinator at ÍSOR: Árni Ragnarsson, Engineer.


The project aims to develop reliable, economical and environmentally friendly technologies for design, completion and monitoring of high-temperature geothermal wells with the intent to expedite the development of geothermal exploitation globally. GeoWell will address cement and sealing technologies, material selection and coupling of casings. Methods of temperature and strain measurements in wells, using fibre optic technologies to monitor well integrity, will be developed as well as methods for assessment of risk related to design and operation of high-temperature geothermal wells.

The research is based on traditional production wells as well as deeper wells where the pressure is as high as 150 bar and temperature exceeds 400°C. This new technology will be tested both in laboratories, where real situations will be simulated, and also partly in existing geothermal wells.



Árni Ragnarsson

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