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Geothermal Projects
in Iceland


ÍSOR, and its predecessor National Energy Authority (NEA), have worked on an extensive geothermal exploration of the geothermal areas in Iceland.

ÍSOR has provided wide range of research and consultancy related to geothermal exploration, development and utilization of the geothermal reservoir on the geothermal fields of Reykjanes, Svartsengi, Krafla, Námafjall – Bjarnarflag, Theistareykir, as well as low-temperature fields across the country.

Among the services provided by ÍSOR are the following:

  • volumetric assessment
  • numerical modelling
  • conceptual modelling
  • siting of all wells
  • well testing
  • providing consultancy and monitoring of the drilling itself
    geothermal and geological mapping
  • resistivity measurements
  • gravimetric measurement and monitoring
  • geochemical studies
  • geochemical monitoring
  • groundwater monitoring
  • environmental monitoring
  • well logging
  • reservoir monitoring
Steinthor Nielsson
Director – Sustainable Utilization

P: +354 528 1601
M: +354 892 8305
E: steinthor.nielsson(at)