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Cooperation projects,
East Africa


ÍSOR has been working with a number of Icelandic and international players on geothermal projects worldwide. In East Africa, the company has worked in cooperation with Mannvit, Verkís, Efla, Reykjavik Geothermal, Green Energy Geothermal (GEG), Arctic Green Energy, KS Orka and more.


  • Several training workshops, including fieldwork
  • Update on Olkaria resource estimate
  • Assisting GDC on Geothermal Center of Excellence, through ICEIDA
  • Exploration management
  • Well head turbines
  • Steam field and power plant design


  • Assisting local government in tendering out concessions
  • Surface exploration, conceptual modelling and resource assessment
  • Developing geothermal areas


  • Surface exploration in the Alid area


  • Surface exploration
  • Assisting local government in development through ICEIDA
  • Drilling by Iceland Drilling Company
Steinthor Nielsson
Director – Sustainable Utilization

P: +354 528 1601
M: +354 892 8305
E: steinthor.nielsson(at)