Deep Roots of Geothermal Systems

Deep Roots of Geothermal Systems


The project is a collaboration project set up by GEORG, the Geothermal Research Group in Iceland.
Involves co-operation with the international research community, both in Europe and the USA, as well as links with other international research projects.

Coordinator at ÍSOR: Guðni Axelsson, Geophysicist and Director Geothermal Training.

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Project Purpose

  • Study of the geology and structure of extinct and exposed volcanic geothermal systems and geophysical exploration of active systems, applying recently advanced methods such as MT-methods and comprehensive analysis of micro-seismic activity.
  • Advancement of the methods that can be applied in the modelling of the physical processes occurring in the roots of volcanic geothermal systems, with the purpose of illuminating the overall process controlling the upwards heat transfer from the heat sources as well as improve and advance the methods that are applied in conventional geothermal reservoir modelling, consequently used for geothermal resource management.
  • Design of the components (well-heads, casings, etc.) of deep geothermal wells, drilled into volcanic systems, which can withstand the high temperatures, pressures and flow-rates (e.g. of super-heated steam) as well as the detrimental chemical content expected.

Benefit of Harnessing the Roots

  • Hypothetically much greater potential than of conventional reservoirs.
  • Smaller environmental impact of harnessing them (smaller surface imprint).
  • Requires advances in exploration and drilling technologies.

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