NAGTEC (Northeast Atlantic Geoscience TECtonostratigraphic Atlas)

NAGTEC (Northeast Atlantic Geoscience TECtonostratigraphic Atlas) is a multinational research project by nine Geological Surveys in Northern Europe, ÍSOR, Geological Survey of Denmark (Geus), Norway (NGU), Faroe Islands (JF), the UK (BGS), Ireland (GSI), N Ireland (GSNI), the Netherlands (TNO) and the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in Germany.

Project time: 2011-2014

Coordinator at ÍSOR: Árni Hjartarson

This collaborative project of the geological surveys of nine countries in Northern Europe involves a review of the geological structure of the Northeast Atlantic.

The intention is to review the information that has already been gathered in the preceding years and decades, harmonize it and display it in a systematical manner, both graphically with maps and in a digital format in a geological data base. The benefits of this project are multifarious, both theoretical and tangible.

Academically, more information on the geological development of the Northeast Atlantic will be gained, including the rifting of the region, spreading rate and direction, and the volcanism that has occurred. Moreover, knowledge about sedimentation, rock magnetism, gravity anomalies, geochemistry and crustal heat flow will be improved. The practical gains include information about possible natural resources and their potential for exploitation, including the possibility of oil and gas resources.

Fifty per cent of the finance for the project comes from grants made by oil companies, with the rest contributed by the national institutions.

It is estimated that the Atlas will be published in 2016 and the digital database will be on-line in 2019.


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