Geothermal Energy at 4200 m elevation in India

Geothermal Energy at 4200 m elevation in Chumathang, India


Norway and India cooperation project. Sub contractor Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR).

Coordinator at ÍSOR: Árni Ragnarsson Engineer and Bjarni Richter Geologist.


The space-heating project in Chumathang is an Indo-Norwegian project with participants from Iceland, Norway and India. The main objective is to demonstrate how geothermal water can be used for space heating in the north-western Himalayas in India, based on existing technology in other geothermal countries as for example Iceland. Space heating is among the most important direct uses of geothermal energy worldwide. This kind of application has a long history in Iceland where about 90% of all houses are heated by geothermal energy.


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