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The world’s largest geothermal exhibition, World Geothermal Congress 2020, WGC2020 + 1, will be held in Iceland this year. The World Geothermal Congress is a unique event that brings together members of the geothermal community across the globe. It is also an event, where geothermal experts show how geothermal energy will help us create a sustainable future together.

The conference was officially launched virtually on March 30 and will have several online events starting today until July 2021. The conference will then end with an on-site event in Reykjavík on October 24-27, 2021.
The online events are held on the following dates: April 13, May 11-12, June 15, July 6.

Icelanders are proud to host the conference this year. Harnessing geothermal energy has had an incredible impact on the quality of life in Iceland. It was an important part in Iceland‘s complete switch to renewable energy in both space-heating and electricity production. Iceland also pioneered the cascading use of geothermal which has created innovative products. Geothermal energy is an essential part of Iceland‘s sustainability story. Watch more on YouTube video.

ÍSOR’s experts will present numerous presentations and posters at the conference. The following experts will present at WGC2020 + 1 today:

  • Árni Hjartarson: Greenland Country Update
  • Bjarni Gautason: The Present and Future Role of Geothermal in the Energy-Mix in Rural Iceland: A Case Study from NE-Iceland
  • Helga Tulinius: Transfer from Iceland to Kenya During Green Field Study
  • Magnús Ólafsson: Siglufjörður District Heating System, North Iceland. Decades of Direct Use of Geothermal Water for House Heating  
  • Steinunn Hauksdóttir: Development of Low Temperature Utilization and Resource Monitoring for District Heating Services in Iceland
  • Thorsteinn Egilson: The Most Productive Low-Temperature Geothermal Production Well in Iceland/the World?

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