Quality Policy

According to law, Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR), a company owned by the Icelandic state, sells specialized know-how related to the natural world, energy, and natural resources along with counseling and providing service on those issues. Additionally, ÍSOR is one of the world’s main research institutes in the realm of geothermal energy. By law, ÍSOR is intended to compete in the marketplace without official financial contributions but profits from the operation should be spent towards enhancing the research capabilities.The policy of ÍSOR is to ensure that its customers receive efficient service and reliable advice obtained by the best technology and expertise available. At the same time, the need for protection and improvement of the environment is taken into consideration. This entails int al. that:

  • all service provided by ÍSOR is of the highest class.
  • all advice, measurements and results presented to a client by ÍSOR are carefully prepared, inspected and corroborated.
  • ÍSOR serves its customers promptly, reliably and in a professional, responsible and fair manner.
  • world class staff and specialists are always available.
  • conducting research and being actively engaged in international cooperation to strengthen the knowledge base of the company.
  • ÍSOR is in possession of and maintains instruments and facilities that ensure reliable measurement results and keeps up with developments in research techniques.
  • ÍSOR’s operations fulfill the demands of clients and the authorities for int al. quality, safety and sanitation.
  • ÍSOR uses methods of quality control in as many aspects of its operations as possible according to the ISO-9001:2000 standard and aspires to continuously improve the operations.