Information and Technology Policy

 As a guiding principle, Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR) aspires to use information technology in its operation, including for the storage, processing and dissemination of data.
This will be accomplished by:

  • following and adopting the latest information technology
  • maintaining a professional discussion about information technology among the employees of ÍSOR
  • maintaining a coordination group on information technology and data issues
  • providing an expert service and advice to the customers of ÍSOR on information technology and data issues
  • the selection of software that fulfills the wishes and needs of users, and that is economical and can be integrated with other information technology
  • the data that ÍSOR acquires or produces for its own purposes or for its customers is recorded and stored in safe and responsible manner in a standardized, electronic and accessible format as much as achievable. 
  • clear stipulations about the ownership of and access to the data that ÍSOR acquires, generates and stores
  • not handing over data to a third party for inspection, usage or publication without the express consent of the owners of the data