Iceland GeoSurvey Safety Policy

It is the objective of Iceland GeoSurvey to guarantee all employees a safe and healthy working environment. The goal is create a work place free of injuries and where no employees suffer harm from their work. To attain this goal, the administrators of the company expect all employees to conduct their work in accordance with this policy. All legal demands and regulations should be met in the operation of the company, and continuous effort should be made to improve the safety of employees, associates and clients of the company. The means to this end include: 

  • Iceland GeoSurvey creates a safe and healthy working environment for employees, clients and everyone who has dealings with the company.
  • Iceland GeoSurvey provides the employees with facilities, tools and equipment that are in good condition and in accordance with safety regulations.
  • Iceland GeoSurvey ensures that company equipment is inspected and tested as required by law and regulations.
  • Iceland GeoSurvey educates and trains the employees in matters relating to safety in the work place.
  • Iceland GeoSurvey conducts risk assessments for the company and ensures this is done each time that new equipment is taken into operation and/or when new work methods, which can cause safety risk for the employees, are implemented.
  • Iceland GeoSurvey actively informs clients and associates about the company’s safety and health requirements.
  • Iceland GeoSurvey administration actively participates in the organization and implementation of the company safety and health policy.
  • Iceland GeoSurvey ensures that employees get the necessary training for tasks to be performed, and that there are descriptions of procedures and work instructions as needed.
  • Iceland GeoSurvey arranges regular internal reviews to ascertain the effectiveness of the plan.