Human Resource Policy

Borhole geologists at Iceland GeoSurvey.

The main worth of Iceland GeoSurvey is in the expertise and skills of its employees to carry out the mission the company is given by law. Over more than half a century, the workforce of Iceland GeoSurvey and its predecessors has acquired an unparalleled know-how on geothermal energy, its characteristics and methods for its use. This know-how has brought Iceland GeoSurvey to the forefront of institutions and companies in the world that conduct research and provide advice and service related to geothermal energy.

The objective of the human resource policy of Iceland GeoSurvey is to keep the company at the forefront in its field. The main parts of the policy are the following:

Maintain at all times a group of competent employees that are uniquely capable of carrying out the projects to which Iceland GeoSurvey is committed. When selecting employees the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Good and practical education that is compatible with the operation of Iceland GeoSurvey.

  • Willingness and ability to work in a group.

  • Ease in personal interactions.

  • Dependability and willingness to learn and pass on information.

  • Diligence and motivation along with independence and initiative at work.

  • In order to introduce the company to prospective employees, it is important to offer university students summer internships in the disciplines on which the operation of Iceland GeoSurvey is based.

Provide an appealing working environment for employees where the needs of every employee and her or his family are taken into consideration. Among other things, this entails:

  • Gender equality with respect to wages and benefits, and that the equal opportunity plan is being implemented.

  • Flexible working hours and part-time employment are on offer in the interest of the well-being of the employees, and the family circumstances of employees are taken into consideration.

  • A timely notice is provided when assignments require overtime or time spent away from home.

  • Care is taken that new employees are content, immediately get the appropriate training and find harmony within the company.

  • Provide opportunities for continuing education and development on the job.

  • Employees receive interesting tasks that satisfy their professional and scientific ambitions.

  • Mutual respect and trust exists between all employees.

  • Attempt is being made to guarantee the employment security of those that do well.

 Promote success and positive results from employees in the work place. Among other things, this entails:

  • All employees have a job description, and their responsibilities and roles within the company are clear.

  • Promote independence, discipline and organized working habits of employees.

  • Employees are regularly informed about how they do in their posts and receive encouragement and constructive criticism.

  • Employees are active in developing the working environment and in decision making at Iceland GeoSurvey.

  • Maintaining effective information dissemination within the company.

  • Make employees conscious about the relationship between the performance of individuals and the performance of Iceland GeoSurvey and conditions in the work place.

Actively promote the safety of employees in the work place by:

  • Maintaining work descriptions for dealing with hazardous substances and working under insecure conditions.

  • Supervisors informing employees about work descriptions, their importance and making sure that work descriptions are easily available.

  • Employees following work descriptions to the full extent.

  • Maintain conditions and environment in the work place that promote good physical and mental health of employees. Means to this end include:

  • Employees have access to wholesome and nourishing food at work.

  • Encourage and support employees to do physical training.

  • Employees’ working environment ensures appropriate posture and prevents physical wear.

  • Regulations about working hours are being followed and excessive work load is prevented.

  • Preventing conditions where employees are overexerted and under distress.

  • Employees work together against prejudice, discrimination, bullying, harassment and inequality within the company.

  • Promote vigorous social life within the company. 

 Approved at an Iceland GeoSurvey committee meeting, December 6, 2005.