Geothermal Training

Iceland GeoSurvey meets its commitment to the development of geothermal energy worldwide to a considerable degree through geothermal training at all levels. The GeoSurvey’s scientists comprise the majority of the specialist staff of the Geothermal Training Programme (GRÓ GTP), former United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme. In addition, training courses and workshops are conducted  all over the world, teaching local scientists geothermal science and techniques.

Geothermal training in Iceland. Photo Þráinn Friðriksson.

We collaborate with:

  • The Geothermal Training Programme (GRÓ GTP)
    Scientists employed by Iceland GeoSurvey conduct about 60% of the teaching at the Geothermal Training Programme (GRÓ-GTP). Established in 1978 by the United Nations University and the government of Iceland, the GRÓ-GTP is administered by the National Energy Authority of Iceland.

Each year over 20 geothermal professionals from developing countries around the world are enrolled for six months’ intensive training in geothermal science and engineering. Annually five or six individuals complete a two-year Masters of Science degree in geothermal studies in cooperation with the University of Iceland. 

  • Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA)
    Iceland GeoSurvey has participated in ICEIDA funded development collaboration projects involving training and lecturing as well as geothermal exploration. The geothermal training involves technical assistance and capacity building in collaboration with local technical people under the auspices of government institutions in relevant countries. 
  • Universities in Iceland
    Iceland GeoSurvey has signed cooperation contracts with Icelandic academic institutions, and some of our scientists hold visiting professorships at the University of Iceland. Iceland GeoSurvey specialists also act as part-time lecturers on geothermal subjects at universities in Iceland.

    University of Iceland 
    Reykjavík University 
    Iceland School of Energy (former REYST - Reykjavik Energy Graduate School of Sustainable Systems).
    Watch the promotional video about the scholarship programme on the webpage of Iceland School of Energy.

  • Keilir

Courses and Workshops

Iceland GeoSurvey has co-operated in organizing tailor-made international workshops, lectures, and training courses in geothermal development, with special emphasis on developing nations in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. 
View the list over short courses and workshops.