Environmental Policy

The objective of the environmental policy of Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR) is to keep the company at the forefront in its field and promote a positive impact from the operation of ÍSOR on the development of environmental issues in Iceland.
In order to achieve these objectives, ÍSOR will implement the methodology of the ISO 14001 standard for as many parts of its operation as feasible.

This entails that:

  • we recognize the environmental impact of the operation of ÍSOR and aspire to keep it at a minimum
  • we ensure that all environmental legal requirements are being met and set stricter standards when appropriate
  • we promote environmental awareness among the employees of ÍSOR and appreciation for the importance of environmental issues by regular training and education
  • we emphasize environmentally friendly practices by, among other things, reusing and recycling items associated with our activity as much as feasible but otherwise dispose of those items as appropriate
  • we focus on using environmentally friendly modes of transport, both to and from work and on journeys associated with our operations. Subsequently we reduce the number of trips using teleconferencing whenever possible
  • we adhere to the demands of the ISO 14001 standard and seek to improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system