3. október 2011

Student presentations UNU Geothermal Training Program, Reykjavik, October 4, 2011

Students of the United Nations University Geothermal Training Program in Reykjavik, Iceland will present their projects Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at Orkugardur, Grensasvegur 9, starting at 9am.

Thirty students are representing projects from El Salvador, Iran, Kenya, Iceland, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mongolia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, China, and Sri Lanka, see Agenda below.
09.00-09.10   Calcite in El Salvador, current situation and control methodology by Edwin Melara Escamilla, supervisor: Finnbogi Óskarsson, Iceland GeoSurvey.

09.10-09.20   Interpretation of geochemical well test data for NW-6D, NW-Sabalan, Iran, by Abdullah Kosari Torbehbar, supervisor: Þráinn Friðriksson, Iceland GeoSurvey.

09.20-09.30 Fluid chemistry, feed zones and boiling in the first geothermal exploration well at Menengai, Kenya, flutt af Jeremiah Kipng’ok, supervisor:  Stefán Arnórsson University of Iceland.

09.30-09.40 Hydrogen sulfide dispersion modelling for Hellisheidi geothermal power plant using Aermod, flutt af Irma Khoirunissa, supervisors: Vilhjálmur Rafnsson, University of Iceland og Matthew J. Roberts.

09.40-09.50 Environmental monitoring of geothermal projects in Nicaragua, by Mariela A. Aráuz Torres, supervisor:  Halldór Ármannsson, Iceland GeoSurvey.

09.50-10.00 Preliminary environmental impact assessment of geothermal exploration and development in Karisimbi, Rwanda, by Jean N. Namugize, supervisiors: Hrefna Sigurjónsdóttir, University of Iceland og Halldór Ármannsson, Iceland GeoSurvey.

10.00-10.10 Assessment of trace element levels in water from Rungwe geothermal area, SW-Tanzania, by Melania Damas Maqway, supervisor: Vigdís Harðardóttir, Iceland GeoSurvey.

10.10-10.20 Coffee
10.20-10.30 Resistivity imaging of Santa Maria sector and northern zone of Las Pailas geothermal area, Costa Rica, using joint 1D inversion of TDEM and MT data, by A. Badilla Elizondo, supervisor: Knútur Árnason og Gylfi Páll Hersir, Iceland GeoSurvey.

10.30-10.40 Joint 1D inversion of MT and TEM resistivity data from Eburru, Kenya, and processing of gravity data with examples from Theistareykir, NE- Iceland, by Anna Wairimu Mwangi, supervisors: Knútur Árnason og Gylfi Páll Hersir, Iceland GeoSurvey.

10.40-10.50 Resistivity structure of Paka geothermal prospect in Kenya, by Raymond M. Mwakirani, supervisors: Knútur Árnason og Gylfi Páll Hersir, Iceland GeoSurvey.

10.50-11.00 Joint 1-D inversion of TEM and MT resistivity data - example from the area around the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, SW-Iceland, by Alae-Eddine Barkaoui,supervisors: Knútur Árnason og Gylfi Páll Hersir, Iceland GeoSurvey.

11.00-11.10 Instrumentation appraisal in single- and double-flash power plants, by Victor M. Aviles Jovel, supervisor: Ari Ingimundarson, Mannvit.

11.10-11.20 Analysis of the market, potential and technologies of the geothermal resource in Honduras, by Wilmer Henriquez, supervisor: Árni Ragnarsson, Iceland GeoSurvey.

11.20-11.30 Silica polymerization, by Carlos A. Miranda Herrera, supervisor: Hermann Þórðarson.

11.30-11.40 Use of geothermal energy in the dairy industry, by Philip Jack Muthomi Kiruja, supervisors: Þrándur S. Ólafsson og Einar Matthíasson.

11.40-11.50 Ground-source heat pump simulation in Tuv province, Mongolia, by Nyamtsetseg Ivanov, supervisors: Páll Valdimarsson, University of Iceland.

11.50-12.00 Feasibility of developing binary power plant in existing geothermal production areas in Indonesia, byHavidh Nazif, supervisors: Páll Valdimarsson, University og Iceland og Sverrir Þórhallsson, Iceland GeoSurvey.

12.00-12.10 Geothermal drilling fluid, by Sichei C. Chemwotei, supervisor: Sverrir Þórhallsson, Iceland GeoSurvey.

12.10-13.00 Lunch
13.00-13.10  An assessment of the geothermal potential of Bangladesh, by M. Ali Akbar, supervisor: Helga Tulinius, Mannvit og Gísli Guðmundsson.

13.10-13.20  Analysis of well test data for estimation of reservoir parameters and prediction of pressure response using WellTester and Lumpfit, by Syed Nazrul Islam, supervisor: Páll Jónsson og Svanbjörg Haraldsdóttir, Iceland GeoSurvey.

13.20-13.30  Well test interpretation and production prediction for well SD-01 in the Skarddalur low-temperature field, Siglufjördur, N-Iceland, by Liu Junrong, supervisor: Svanbjörg Haraldsdóttir og Páll Jónsson, Iceland GeoSurvey.

13.30-13.40  Sustainable utilization of low-temperature geothermal systems with limited natural recharge, by Cui Yu, supervisor: Guðni Axelsson og Svanbjörg Haraldsdóttir, Iceland GeoSurvey.
13.40-13.50  Numerical modelling of water level changes in Tianjin low-temperature geothermal system, China, by Ruan Chuanxia, supervisor: Sigríður Sif Gylfadóttir og Sæunn Halldórsdóttir, Iceland GeoSurvey.

13.50-14.00  Preliminary reservoir analysis of exploratory wells in Menengai geothermal field, Kenya, by Janet Jelagat Suwai, supervisor: Benedikt Steingrímsson og Sigvaldi Thordarson, Iceland GeoSurvey.
14.00-14.10  Initial conditions of wells OW906A, OW908, OW910A and OW914 and natural state model of Olkaria Domes geothermal field, Kenya, by Urbanus Kioko Mbithi, supervisor: Andri Arnaldsson, Sæunn Halldórsdóttir og Sigríður Sif Gylfadóttir, Iceland GeoSurvey.

14.10-14.20  Initial conditions of wells OW905A, OW907A, OW913A and OW916A and natural state model of Olkaria Domes geothermal field, Kenya, by Vincent Koech, supervisor: Sæunn Halldórsdóttir, Andri Arnaldsson og Sigríður Sif Gylfadóttir, Iceland GeoSurvey.

14.20-14.30  Potential of geothermal energy resources in Sri Lanka, by P.S. Mangala S.Wijetilake, supervisor: Grímur Björnsson og Gestur Gíslason, Reykjavik Geothermal.

14.30-14.40  Borehole geology and hydrothermal mineralisation of well HE-32, Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW-Iceland, by Isa Lugaizi, supervisor: Björn S. Harðarson, Iceland GeoSurvey.

14.40-14.50  Borehole geology and hydrothermal alteration of well HE-55 at Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW-Iceland, by Ngereja Mgejwa, supervisor: Björn S. Harðarson, Iceland GeoSurvey.

14.50-15.00  Borehole geology, alteration and hydrothermal mineralogy of wells MW-01 and MW-02, Menengai geothermal field, Kenya, by Convine Omondi Nyamweya, supervisor: Björn S. Harðarson, Iceland GeoSurvey.