2. janúar 2012


Geothermal specialists from Iceland GeoSurvey have been among instructors at "Short Course on  Geothermal Exploration and Development" in Santa Tecla, El Salvador, November 7 - 12.

The course was organized by United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme (UNU-GTP) and the Organization of American States (OAS) in cooperation with LaGeo in El Salvador.

Participants were 14 and came from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

The objective of the course was to present a general overview of the most important aspects of geothermal exploration and development. The short course was divided into the following sessions: geothermal energy overview, geothermal project planning, geoscientific exploration and drilling, power generation and direct use of geothermal energy, environmental impact of geothermal activity, and geothermal law and regulatory framework.  One day was reserved for a field trip to the Berlin geothermal power plant, where the participants had the opportunity to observe the processes, equipment, and structures needed for geothermal electricity generation first hand.