2. október 2009

A service agreement with ISOR on the geothermal project in Nicaragua

An agreement has been signed between ICEIDA and Iceland Geosurvey (ISOR) on a geothermal project in Nicaragua. The agreement involves ISOR´s expert consultancy on geothermal matters in Nicaragua from 2009-2013. This is a part of bilateral development cooperation between Iceland and Nicaragua which has the main objective to increase the use of geothermal resources by strengthening capacities at the government level. ICEIDA´s Country Office and the Icelandic Embassy in Managua was closed this summer, but at that time Iceland pledged to honour the agreement from 2008 on geothermal development, due to finish in 2012. ISOR has from the beginning been ICEIDA´s main partner and with this agreement the partnership is secured throughout the project period. One locally recruited employee of ICEIDA, Gioconda Guevara, is in charge of the project and is based in the Finish embassy in Managua. Nicaragua Case Study