6. nóvember 2013

Production drilling starting in Dominica in the Caribbean

Production drilling for geothermal energy is recommencing on the volcanic island of Dominica in the Caribbean. During this phase of the geothermal project two wells will be drilled to a depth of 1200-1800 m.

ÍSOR has designed two new wells for the government of Dominica, one of which is a reinjection well, whilst the other is a production well. Drilling is expected to start next week. Iceland Drilling will be in charge of the drilling and ÍSOR will carry out consulting during the drilling operations, which include borehole geology, borehole loggings, discharge measurements and environmental monitoring, i.e. measurements of hydrogen sulphide. Two to three employees from ÍSOR are expected to stay on the island until March next year.

Three slim exploration wells were drilled in Dominica last year. ÍSOR was responsible for the well-design, consultation during drilling, borehole loggings and environmental monitoring. The drilling of the wells was successful and they are expected to produce several MW of electricity. It is hoped that the new production well will be sufficient to supply a small geothermal power plant to serve the electricity requirements for the people of Dominica. The residents have largely had to rely on diesel generators with associated costs and pollution. Plans are being drawn up to produce excess electricity which may be sold to neighbouring islands.