1. júní 2010

Presentations on geothermal reservoir studies in Iceland

Video-clip of all presentations from an interactive workshop in geothermal reservoir studies in Iceland is now available on the webpage by GEORG (Geothermal Research Group).

This workshop was held in March 2010 and the goal was to bring together engineers and scientists involved in geothermal reservoir studies in Iceland to exchange ideas and increase understanding on geothermal resources. Evaluate ongoing research: What works? What doesn't? What has been accomplished over the past years?

Two scientists from ÍSOR (Iceland GeoSurvey) where among the lectures with presentations about:

  • Reservoir parameters: Hjalti Franzson, chief geologist
  • How to estimate production capacity of green fields: Héðinn Björnsson, geophysicist

GEORG: International GEOthermal Research Group. Consist of 25 partners, representing the main educational and research organizations, energy companies, and engineering firms in Iceland and 4 international collaborators in the geothermal sciences and energy resources utilization. University of Iceland is the coordinator.