10. febrúar 2011

Positive results of the testing of a geothermal production well in Turkey

Iceland GeoSurvey is collaborating with the Turkish energy company BM Holding on the long-term testing of two production wells in the planned geothermal production area of Gümüsköy in the western part of Turkey.

Iceland GeoSurvey is also determining the effect of exploitation on the geothermal reservoir.

In the Gümüsköy area, two 2000 m deep production wells have already been drilled along with a few temperature gradient wells and coring wells. Drilling was finished before the end of last year.

In the middle of January 2011, long-term testing of the wells, which is intended to last about three months, was initiated. The tests involve the measurement of the discharge of a production well while the water level of nearby wells is being monitored. According to the contract between Iceland GeoSurvey and BM Holding, Iceland GeoSurvey has designed and built three instruments for measuring water levels in the wells. These instruments are based on a tried and tested technology that has been extensively used in the measurements of surface and well water levels in Iceland and elsewhere. When the instruments are being used, nitrogen is pumped into the well and the pressure is measured at a predetermined depth. Iceland GeoSurvey has, for instance, been using this technology to measure the discharge of high-temperature wells in the Hellisheiði geothermal area. The discharge test of the first production well was highly successful and the results indicate that the well is suited for geothermal exploitation.

BM Holding is a family-owned company that has mainly been engaged in the construction and operation of hydroelectric power plants but is now taking its first steps towards the development of geothermal power plants, both for electricity production and heating of greenhouses. Being a country located at the boundary of large tectonic plates, Turkey has considerable amount of geothermal energy. In the year 2010, electricity production from geothermal sources in Turkey amounted to about 100 MWe whereas direct use of geothermal energy, mainly for greenhouses, was about 800 MWt. It is clear that Turkey has great potential for continuing geothermal exploitation and it will be interesting to follow future developments.

The production well GK-1 blowing steam on 16 January 2011.