4. janúar 2017

Open Seminar: Multidisciplinary tectonic / geological analyses

Dr. Maryam Khodayar, Senior Geologist at ÍSOR, will present a series of seminars in January and February 2017. The first seminar is on Multidisciplinary tectonic / geological  analyses: From hydrocarbon exploration to Icelandic geology and geothermal exploration, and will be held at ÍSOR, Grensásvegur 9, at 13:00.

Maryam has a PhD in geology from University of Clermont Ferrand II in France and worked in the beginning of her career with the oil companies Elf Aquitaine, Total, and Ultramar Lasmo in France. For the past 2 decades, she has worked for ÍSOR, Orkustofnun and University of Iceland. There she has applied her skills and training in hydrocarbon exploration from France and Scotland to the geology of Iceland as well as to the geothermal exploration in low and high temperature fields in Iceland and Africa. 

In the first presentation on 9th of January, Maryam will describe her background, experience and methodologies, which are the backbone of her approach. In the subsequent seminars, she will share results of major projects that she and her colleagues obtained in various areas of Iceland.

The first seminar is on 9th of January, starts at 13:00 and will be in English.