6. apríl 2017

New Geological Web Map

ÍSOR has opened a new geological web map of Iceland. The maps are available in two scales 1:600.000 for the whole of Iceland and 1:100.000 for Southwest and Northeast Iceland. The new web map illustrates the main features of the bedrock geology. Formations are categorised by age, type and composition. The volcanic zones of the country are highlighted as well as the distribution of recent eruption sites. The lava fields are classified chronologically into historic lavas, prehistoric Holocene lavas and late glacial lavas. The main sites of hot springs are shown as well as major faults and fissures and many other geological features. The maps of Southwest and Northeast Iceland in scale 1:100.000 have additional information about lavas and rock formations as well as about 95 geologically significant places.

The maps are product of several earlier maps produced by ÍSOR and its´ predecessor in several different scales. The maps were revised and new data acquired in the field. ÍSOR hopes this will be the start of something larger and plans to continue geological mapping of Iceland.
View the web map here.