5. september 2015

New Geological Map

Geological Map of the Northern Volcanic Zone of Iceland. Southern Part. Iceland GeoSurvey has published a new geological map, the Geological Map of the Northern Volcanic Zone of Iceland. Southern Part - Ódáðahraun.

This new geological map covers many of Iceland´s natural wonders, including the most recent lava flow, Holuhraun, erupted in 2014-2015. Subglacial formations and postglacial lavas with volcanic craters and fissures form the largest part of the map. A total of 90 volcanic lava flows were classified and divided into categories based on age and rock type.

Other features of interest include, for example, the flood plains of Jökulsá River which provide evidence of catastrophic floods in the past. There are oases forming by cold springs and geothermal surface activity is widespread. In addition, fissures and faults characterize much of the landscape. The map gives the most accurate account to date of the geology of the area and shows it in greater detail than ever before.

This publication completes the geological mapping of the Northern Volcanic Zone in the scale of 1:100 000. The first one, of the northern part, having been published by ISOR in 2012.

The map is the product of several earlier maps produced by ISOR and its´ predecessor in several different scales. The maps were revised and new data acquired in the field.

On the reverse there are 23 images and text describing places of special interest.

Geological maps published of Iceland GeoSurvey can be viewed here on the web.