24. október 2013

Low temperature geothermal drilling for a space heating system at Blönduós and Skagaströnd

The drilling of well RR-22 at Reykir by Reykjabraut was completed on October 15 2013. The well became 1000 m deep.

The well was drilled for RARIK (Iceland State Electricity) to use for a space heating system at Blönduós and Skagaströnd and was located about 90 m south of well RR-12. ÍSOR (Iceland Geosurvey) was the project consultant to RARIK, which involved locating the well and supervision of the drilling project. Jarðboranir (Iceland Drilling) performed the drilling using the drill rig Saga.

According to Magnús Ólafsson, project manager with ÍSOR the well was logged for temperature and a short flow test carried out on October 16. At that time the temperature of the well was just below 74°C. The flow from the well was difficult to contain but a rough estimate suggested that it was of the order of 40 L/s. In about a week‘s time the well will be logged again for temperature and another flow test carried out and it will be decided whether ÍSOR recommends deepening of the well to e.g. 1200 m on the basis of the results.

The geothermal area at Reykir by Reykjabraut is the major production area for the Blönduós and Skagaströnd space heating company The area has been utilized since the 1960s. Resistivity soundings were first made in 1967 followed by the location of the first six boreholes. ÍSOR has been its consultant and  monitored thearea regularly since the start.