11. júlí 2018

Kristján Sæmundsson geologist awarded for Geological Mapping

Kristján Sæmundsson jarðfræðingur. Ljósmynd

The Geological Society of America (GSA) has honoured Dr. Kristján Sæmundsson, Chief Geologist (retired) at Iceland GeoSurvey, for "pioneering geologic mapping and research that revolutionized understanding of Iceland and plate tectonics of the north Atlantic, and fostered geothermal developments of immense societal value."

Kristján was nominated by Barry Voight a former professor at the Pennsylvania State University. This was announced on the GSA webpage on July 5th.

According to the GSA webpage, the Geological Mapping Award was first given in 2015 and is made on an annual basis. This award acknowledges contributions by the recipient in published high-quality geological mapping that resulted significant new scientific or economic-resource discoveries, and to a greater understanding of fundamental geological processes and concepts. The objective is to encourage training and support toward production of excellent, accurate, detailed, purposeful geological maps and cross sections.

The recipient will have authored high-quality geologic maps, cross sections, and summary reports which have received scientific acclaim and are available to both peers and the public, through Federal or State agencies or major scientific societies.

Source GSA Webpage.


Kristján Sæmundsson við hitamælingu á jarðhitasvæðinu í Fremrinámum. Ljósmynd Magnús Ólafsson.

 Kristján Sæmundsson að störfum í Hvalfirði. Ljósmynd Sigurður G. Kristinsson.