17. febrúar 2020

ÍSOR receives a quality certification

ÍSOR has recently received a quality certification for the company’s quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001. ÍSOR is a company owned by the state which by law sells specialist knowledge in the fields of natural conditions, energy matters and national resource matters besides consultation and services based on the consultation. Besides that, ÍSOR is one of the foremost research institutes of the world in the geothermal energy field. By law ÍSOR is supposed to operate in the competitive market without public financial support but any profit from the operations shall be used to improve its research skills.

The certification covers services in the field of geothermal energy; research, development and consultation. This covers int. al. services to drilling for geothermal fluids and potable water and supervision and monitoring besides direct basic research at most stages of the utilization of geothermal energy and other natural resources. The quality management system is described in an effective, edited, electronic handbook that is accessible to all employees.

ÍSOR has operated according to a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard for more than a decade so that the development of the system and the adoption of new items into the operation have been going on for a long time. Thus, the quality management system has proved of good use to ÍSOR for a number of years but now all the company´s operations have been incorporated into the system according to the latest edition of the standard. This secures a regular supervision of the operations besides regular improvements and their follow-ups. ÍSOR‘s aim is to secure such effective services and reliable advice based on the optimum techniques available at each time and takes into consideration the need for protection and improvement of the environment.


Árni Ragnarsson quality manager and Ólafur G. Flóvenz chief executive officer at ÍSOR. Photo Brynja Jónsdóttir.