10. janúar 2012

ÍSOR participates in the Nordic Geological Winter Meeting

The Nordic Geological Winter Meeting is being held in Iceland during 9-12 January at the Harpa Conference Centre and Concert Hall in Reykjavik. ÍSOR staff members will be giving presentations on a range of topics, including petrology, groundwater research, the continental shelf and the ocean floor around Iceland in connection with the search for hydrocarbons, man-made earthquakes and geothermal research.

The Winter Meeting is convened once every two years in alternate Nordic countries, this being the 30th meeting and the first one in Iceland since 2002. The meeting is organized by the Geoscience Society of Iceland in cooperation with a number of Icelandic institutions. Information about the meeting and the programme can be found at the web site of the Geoscience Society.

 List of presentations given by ÍSOR staff members:
  • Puzzle of Icelandic rift-jumps/migrating transform zones in North Atlantic.
    Maryam Dr. Khodayar ,Sveinbjörn Björnsson 

  • The CarbFix project — Mineral seqestration of CO2 in basalt
    R. Gislason , Wolff-Boenisch , Stefansson ,A. Alfredsson , Mesfin ,H. Oelkers , Gunnlaugsson , Sigurdardottir , Sigfusson ,S. Aradottir ,S. Broecker , Matter , Stute , Axelsson 

  • The Hydrorift Experiment
    S Kristjansdottir , Agustsson , Adelinet , Doubre ,Ó.G. Flóvenz , Fortin , Franco , Geoffroy ,G.P. Hersir , Karlsdóttir , Schubnel ,A.M. Vilhjálmsson 

  • Biosignatures in secondary minerals in tertiary basalts, Breiðdalur, Eastern Iceland
    Cf Feucht 

  • Induced and triggered seismicity in Icelandic geothermal systems
    K.Á. Ágústsson ,Ó.G.F. Flóvenz

  • Evolution of the Hengill Volcanic Center, SW-Iceland
    SN Nielsson

  • Hydrothermal dissolution of olivine and pyroxene in the Hellisheiði geothermal field, SW-Iceland
    Helga Margrét Helgadóttir

  • Structure and composition of clay minerals in the Hellisheiði Geothermal Field, SW-Iceland
    Sandra Snaebjornsdottir ,Bjorn Hardarson ,Hjalti Franzson

  • Resistivity from 73 Boreholes in the S-Hengill Geothermal Field, SW-Iceland, compared with Surface Resistivity Data and Alteration Minerals
    Svanbjörg Helga Haraldsdóttir ,Hjalti Franzson ,Knútur Árnason
    Offshore geo-hazards to be kept in mind during exploration and production activities in the Jan Mayen Micro-Continent area.
    A. Blischke ,T.S. Arnarson ,B. Richter 

  •  History of geology and research of the Jan Mayen Micro-Continent and associated exploration risks.
    A. Blischke ,T.S. Arnarson ,K. Gunnarsson

  • Groundwater and Geothermal Utilization
    Þ.H.H. Hafstað ,D.Þ. Þorbjörnsson