19. júlí 2018

ÍSOR consulting in Risk Sharing Mechanism for geothermal projects in Turkey

ÍSOR in a Joint Venture of AF-Consult Switzerland Limited (JV Leader, Switzerland), Verkís, AF-Mercados (Turkey) and Sub-consultant of BBA Legal, have been awarded the  role of consultants (RSM Unit) to the Risk Sharing Mechanism (RSM) for Geothermal Resource Validation fund. 

Funding of the RSM is provided by a contingent grant from the World Banks Clean Technology Fund (CTF) to the Government of Turkey. It is expected that a total of 38 million USD will be available for exploration drilling projects by the RSM. The implementing agency will be a dedicated unit (RSM Unit) within the Development Bank of Turkey (TKB). 

The objective of the Turkey RSM component of the Turkey Geothermal Development Project is to increase private sector investment in geothermal exploration drilling in Turkey by providing partial coverage of exploration wells’ drilling costs in case of unsuccessful wells.

Bjarni Richter is the project manager and ÍSOR provides four of the key experts in the project. The kick off meeting was in April 2018 and the 1st workshop and call for applications was held in Izmir on 5th of July 2018 (Photos below).