8. september 2014

Increased interest in Iceland´s Geology

Anett Blischke ásamt tökuliði frá Spiegel-TV. Ljósmynd Oddur Vilhelmsson. In late August a German film crew from Spiegel-TV (ZDF) accompanied scientists from ÍSOR during their field work in Northeast Iceland. Spiegel-TV is working on a new documentary called „Terra X – Polarkreis“. This documentary focuses on the polar regions and German scientists that are living and researching those northern parts of the world across the arctic circle. Árni Hjartarson and our German colleague Anett Blischke accompanied Spiegel-TV to present our work and research on Iceland and the North-Atlantic. The work with Spiegel-TV gave not just a great opportunity to present Iceland, its people and beautiful landscapes, but especially gives a better understanding of the geological processes that are active across the island and off the coast of Iceland.