3. október 2017

IMAGE Final Conference in Hof Akureyri

During this week, 1.-6. October, two large geothermal events organized by ÍSOR are taking place in Hof, Akureyri. Over 200 geoscientists coming from 15 countries (e. g. European countries, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico) attend meetings and a conference that are part of two geothermal research projects, named IMAGE and GEMex.The IMAGE Final Conference, Novel approaches for Geothermal Exploration, will take place 4-6 Oct. in Hof Akureyri. The final program can be viewed here.The IMAGE project is the most extensive geothermal project that ÍSOR has participated in. The project has been ongoing for the last four years and the Final Conference marks the end of the project. The IMAGE project aims to develop reliable exploration and assessment methods to image geothermal reservoirs to be able to site wells with greater accuracy than before.The aim of GEMex is to gain understanding and develop technology to make use of super-hot and enhanced geothermal systems. Exploration sites are located in Mexico, where wells show high temperature but hardly any fluids.