17. september 2015

Iceland GeoSurvey participating in drilling four new wells in Montelago in the Philippines

In the Montelago geothermal area in the Philippines.Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR) has signed a contract with Emerging Power Inc. as a consultants during drilling in the Montelago geothermal area in the Philippines. This contract is a continuation of previous contracts dealing with ÍSOR’s work in connection with the drilling in the area. The intent of the first phase of the project is to build up to 20 MW geothermal power plant but also to use the geothermal water for direct use for the local population.

ÍSOR will be the main geothermal consultant and perform all measurements during drilling. ÍSOR has designed the production wells and the drilling program and will perform all well logging and well tests. On site geologists (mud loggers) and well loggers will be present during the operation. The first phase includes drilling of four wells, and if they are successful up to nine production and injection wells will be drilled in the area.

Group of workers in Montelago. Photo ÍSOR.The geothermal drill Geysir is being shipped to the Montelago geothermal area but Iceland Drilling will drill all the wells and the estimated start of drilling is in late October 2015.

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