2. nóvember 2010

Geothermal Short Courses in 2012

Geophysical Methods in Geothermal Exploration for non-experts (ÍSOR1)
Geochemical Methods in Geothermal Exploration (ÍSOR2)
Injection- and Production Testing of High-Enthalpy Geothermal Wells (ÍSOR4)
Conceptual Model Development and Volumetric Resource Assessment (ÍSOR5)

Iceland GeoSurvey offers Geothermal Short Courses in 2012 at their headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland.
Please click on the numeration above to read the description of each course.
Each course lasts 5 days.

Fee: USD 2,500 per person (minimum 6 participants).

Included: Handouts and learning materials, fieldtrip to a geothermal field or drill site, and lunch.

Lectures are  specialists, with decades of experience, both as lecturers, as well as in the various fields of geothermal research and field work.

Registration and further information: www.isor.is or [email protected]

Registration deadline: November 15, 2011