26. september 2012

Geothermal Resource Council (GRC) annual meeting and energy expo

Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR) will be participating at the annual meeting of the Geothermal Resource Council (GRC) and the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) trade show, Geothermal Energy Expo in Reno, Nevada, September 30th - October 3rd 2012.

Iceland GeoSurvey will be participating together with the Icelandic engineering company Verkís under the name of our subsidiary in Chile, GeoThermHydro. We hope to see you at our booth no. 442 during the conference to learn more about our involvement and services in geothermal research.

Paper presented at the GRC Annual Meeting by Iceland GeoSurvey scientists:

Wednesday morning at 10:10, oct.3, Geophysics 2
Induced Seismisity in the Krafla High Temperature Field, Agustsson, Kristjan & Flovenz, Olafur G. & Gudmudsson,
Asgrimur & Arnadottir, Sigurveig

Monday afternoon at 16:20, Oct. 1, Exploration 2
Advanced 3D Geophysical Imaging Technologies for Geothermal Resource Characterization, Zhang, Haijiang & Gasperikova, Erika & Parker, Beatrice & Tryggvason, Ari & Gudmundsson, Olafur & Seher, Tim & Newman, Gregory & Fehler, Michael & Arnason, Knutur