5. febrúar 2014

Geothermal Project in the Philippines

The group of workers.ÍSOR has signed a contract with the firm Emerging Power for geothermal exploration in the Montelago geothermal area on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines.

The exploration work has already started and ÍSOR experts will spend the whole of February mapping geothermal manifestations in the uppermost kilometers of the earth´s crust. A total of 50-60 resistivity soundings are planned and the ÍSOR experts will be assisted by a large group of local personnel. The access to the area is rather difficult, a lot of steep slopes and forests.

The geothermal area is called Montelago and its areal extent is probably of the order 3-5 square kilometers. It lies 170 km south of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The construction of a 44 MW power plant for domestic power production is planned there. Some surface geothermal manifestations are found in the atea, up to 96°C hot springs but no fumaroles. The most recent volcanic activity took place 800 thousand years ago. Eight temperature gradient wells have been drilled. ÍSOR has already made a preliminary volumetric assessment of the area‘s potential. Gravity and magnetic mapping was recently carried out in the area, and samples collected for chemical analysis which is now being carried out. Drilling is planned this summer. ÍSOR will provide geological consultation and carry out logging during drilling.