12. mars 2015

Exploration drilling in the Philippines

Review of the geothermal project in the Philippines by Voice of America. Click to watch.Specialists from Iceland GeoSurvey worked most of last year on a geothermal project on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines for Emerging Power Inc., which plans to construct a power plant with a capacity  of 40 MWe providing electricity for the local population.

The geothermal exploration work, on behalf of ÍSOR, began early last year with resistivity surveys followed by magnetic- and gravity measurements as well as geochemical sampling. The drilling of slim exploration wells began in December and geologists from ÍSOR have been present throughout to provide borehole consultancy and loggings.
The geothermal area, which is called Montelago, lies 170 km south of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The expectation is that the plant will deliver the projected power and thereby reduce the electricity bills for the population by half.

The US news agency Voice of America recently published a review of the project and you can watch it here.