21. apríl 2020

DEEPEGS Project Final Meeting

ÍSOR - Iceland GeoSurvey is a partner of DEEPEGS Project Final Meeting. It is organised as an open conference in Reykjavik, Iceland on Friday, April 24, 2020 at 8am to 18pm (icel.time). The achievements of the project will be displayed through a series of presentations and discussions to disseminate and communicate the results obtained in over 4 years of collaborative work on Deployment of Deep Enhanced Geothermal Systems for Sustainable Energy Business.

The event will be both accessible as an open free of charge conference and as a webinar event.

More info on DEEPEGS webpage https://deepegs.eu/ and registration form via this link: https://bit.ly/2vjicOU


Presentation from ÍSOR specalists:

  • 10.55 am
    Egill Árni Guðnason geophysicist:  Seismicity – pre and during IDDP-2

  • 11.05 am
    Gunnar Þorgilsson physicist: Tracking fluid flow between IDDP-2 and the production field

  • 11.15 am
    Finnbogi Óskarsson chemist: Composition of Reservoir Fluids in Well IDDP-2
  • 13.40 pm
    Ingólfur Ö. Þorbjörnsson innovation manager: Flexible Couplings – innovation, lab-testing, marketing