7. apríl 2014

Collaboration between Iceland and the Azores for geothermal development

The delegation from Iceland. Photo NEAIceland GeoSurvey, ÍSOR was part of a delegation of the Icelandic Ministry of Industry and Innovation, which met with leading authorities in Terceira, Azores last week. The purpose of the trip was to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the countries and to present a collaborative programme of the EEA Grants scheme in the field of geothermal sciences. The delegation consisted of thirteen representatives from Iceland, including those from the Ministry of Industry and Innovation, the EEA, National Energy Authority (NEA), United Nations University (UNU-GTP), Mannvit, Efla, Verkís, Green Energy Group and ÍSOR. The Energy Programme can be found in its entirety at this link here.

The NEA oversees projects in the Azores financed by the EEA. A presentation was made outlining the construction of a 3 MW geothermal power plant for electricity on the island of Terceira. On this occasion the Pico Alto geothermal area was visited, as the proposed power plant will use wells in the area. The holes were drilled in 2009-2010 by Iceland Drilling Company. ÍSOR has collaborated over several years with partners responsible for the regulation of geothermal power plants planned in the Azores (EDA and Geoterceira), and has provided consultation on geoscientific research, drilling and testing of these wells. The UNU-GTP will provide several specialized courses in the Azores in the field of geothermal research later this year. ÍSOR will provide teaching expertise in co-operation with the UNU-GTP.