News from ÍSOR


. November
Geophysical Methods in Geothermal Exploration for non-experts (ÍSOR1) Geochemical Methods in Geothermal Exploration (ÍSOR2)
. June
Yesterday, June 23rd, Francois Lebert from BRGM was able to demonstrate together with ÍSOR a new temperature measuring tool built and assembled within the HiTI project.
. June
Video-clip of all presentations from an interactive workshop in geothermal reservoir studies in Iceland is now available on the webpage by GEORG (Geothermal Research Group).
. March
The World Geothermal Congress (WGC2010) will be held at Bali International Convention Centre 25 - 30 of April in Nusa Dua.
. February
ÍSOR took part at the European Geothermal PhD day in Potsdam, Germany, which was held today, February 12th, 2010.
. January
An NDF delegation visited Iceland last week. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with Iceland's experience with geothermal energy.