IDDP: The Iceland Deep Drilling Project

(2000- )
Consortium: Landsvirkjun (coordinator), HS Orka, Orkuveita Reykjavikur, National Energy Authority, Alcoa Inc. StatoilHydro ASA. ÍSOR and Mannvit Engineering
Coordinator at ÍSOR: Sverrir Þórhallsson
Its principal goal was to investigate the technical and economic feasibility of producing geothermal energy from natural geothermal systems at great depths, where supercritical conditions exist. This will require drilling to a depth of about 4-5 km in order to reach hydrothermal fluids at temperatures ranging from 400-600°C and under pressure (200-300 bar). A feasibility study completed in 2003 indicates that relative to the output from conventional geothermal wells, which are 2.5 km deep, a ten-fold increase in power output per well could result if fluid is produced from reservoirs hotter than 450°C .

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