4 partners: ÍSOR, HS Orka, the universities of Le Mans Nantes (CNRS) , Ecole et Observatorie des Sciences de la Terre (EOST).
Coordinator at ÍSOR: Ólafur G. Flóvenz
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The HYDRORIFT project is a cooperation between French and Icelandic groups of scientists. It is a subproject of the French project GEOFLUX. The project is supported by the GEOthermal Research Group  GEORG. It is a continuation of a previous successful 5-months seismic experiment in the same area in 2005 (Geoffroy & Dorbath, 2008).The goal of the project is to shed light on the interplay of hydric fluids in the crust and the seismogenic cycle at the plate boundaries. To achieve this, seismic data was collected on the Reykjanes peninsula with emphasis on the geothermal areas in Krýsuvík, Trölladyngja and Sandfell. And to interpret the seismological data jointly with MT/TEM resistivity soundings, results from numeric, analogic and physical models and laboratory experiments as well as other information. The seismic network was in operation from the middle of May until early October 2009. Each group contributed with equipment and personnel for deployment of the seismic network, its maintenance and data collection. During this time, an intensive seismic swarm occurred on the Reykjanes peninsula, mainly within the network, and large amount of high quality data was recorded.


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