HITI : HIgh Temperature Instruments for supercritical geothermal reservoir characterization and exploitation

8 partners: ÍSOR (coordinator), CNRS-Montpellier, BRGM, Calidus Engineering Ltd., ALT, Oxford Applied Technology Ltd., GFZ-Postdam, CRES
Coordinator at ÍSOR: Ragnar K. Ásmundsson
The aim of the project is to provide geophysical and geochemical sensors and methods to evaluate deep geothermal wells up to supercritical conditions (T>380°C). Supercritical geothermal wells are presently non-conventional but may provide a very efficient way to produce electricity from a clean, renewable source. A deep geothermal well is currently being drilled for this purpose into the Krafla volcanic zone, Iceland, as part of the international Iceland Deep Drilling Project and with joint funding from Icelandic industry and science. Tools already built and tested in the HITI project include a high-temperature televiewer and a natural gamma ray detector, with more instruments to be demonstrated in the year 2009. A new geothermometer has been developed up to supercritical temperatures, and a high-temperature pressure chamber has been assembled to simulate the interaction of supercritical fluids with basalt rock cores.