Geothermal Well Testing and Evaluation

Geothermal well testing in Iceland. Photo Jón Ragnarsson.Geothermal well testing involves an array of measurements aimed at gathering information on well characteristics, production potential and reservoir properties. This also includes well stimulations with the purpose of enhancing the output of new production wells. Well testing plays a key role in exploration and production drilling, well maintenance, and geothermal field management.

Iceland GeoSurvey has well trained and highly experienced personnel in logging operations and consultancy, with a long tradition and experience in working on all aspects of geothermal well testing and evaluation. In addition to having conducted such work in nearly all drilled geothermal fields in Iceland, Iceland GeoSurvey has also been involved in a number of similar projects worldwide.

Iceland GeoSurvey offers comprehensive services to geothermal well testing and evaluation:

Temperature and pressure logging

Iceland GeoSurvey offers temperature and pressure logging at all temperatures to determine the physical state of a reservoir, locate feed-zones and determine general well conditions. The logging is carried out in the well flowing or shut-in (static) condition.

Well test design

For a wide range of conditions, well test execution and associated pressure transient analysis. Their purpose is to estimate reservoir properties and well characteristics. This involves:

  • single-well tests
  • injection tests
  • flow or pump tests
  • build-up tests
  • multi-well tests (such as interference tests).

Well stimulations

output of production wells. This involves cold water injection, often at high flow-rates, aimed at high-pressure and/or thermal stimulation, as well as chemical stimulation methods. Down-hole packers are commonly used in such operations.

Tracer tests

Are conducted to characterize connections between different wells, in particular between reinjection and production wells, and to study the flow-patterns in geothermal systems. Most often used to determine feasibility of proposed long-term reinjection schemes in resource management.

Evaluation of wells

To evaluate changes in their characteristics for chemical, physical and mechanical reasons, as well as to assess their safety.

Projects in Iceland: In low- and high-enthalpy systems.

Projects worldwide: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guadeloupe, Kenya, Djibouti.

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