Geothermal Well Logging

Iceland GeoSurvey provides a wide range of open and cased hole logging services, using highly specialized equipment especially suited for the geothermal sector in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.
Iceland GeoSurvey has a long tradition and experience of working in geothermal fields all over the world, and employs well trained and experienced personnel in logging operations and consultancy.
Iceland GeoSurvey provides geothermal logging services that yield better understanding of subsurface conditions in geothermal systems and information for field analysis with regards to:

  • Geological subsurface structures of geothermal fields
  • Extent and scale of geothermal reservoirs

  • Reservoir monitoring and production forecasting

  • Chemical, physical and structural properties of reservoir rocks

  • Chemical and physical properties of reservoir fluids

  • Chemical and physical processes within geothermal systems

Iceland GeoSurvey maintains three specially equipped trucks for real-time logging in open and cased geothermal wells, and three other units for slick-line logging with memory tools.
The geothermal logging operations are divided into two main temperature categories:

  • Geothermal Well Logging below 150°C
    The measured data is transmitted through a 4-conductor standard GO cable head and a 6000 m long logging cable. The Warrior Data Acquisition System, manufactured by Scientific Data Systems, is the primarily used data acquisition tool.

  • Geothermal Well Logging above 150°C
    Memory tools with slick-line cables, and cable lengths above 6000 m, are used for high-temperature well logging and borehole monitoring. The instruments collect and store primarily temperature and pressure data as a function of time and depth.

Projects in Iceland: In low- and high-temperature geothermal fields.
Projects worldwide: Germany, Russia, Kenya, Chile, China, Turkey, Iran, Guadeloupe, Dominca.



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