Geothermal Resource Assessment

Geothermal well in Iceland.

Geothermal resource assessment involves studies and research aimed at assessing the nature and energy production capacity of geothermal systems. It is based on the data available at any given time-, or stage in the development of a system, such as surface exploration data, the results of the drilling of exploration and production wells, as well as production monitoring data.

Iceland GeoSurvey offers comprehensive services for the following aspects of geothermal resource assessment:

  • Conceptual models
  • Volumetric assessment
  • Geothermal system modeling
  • Estimate the effects of reinjection 
  • Evaluation of the production 
  • Optimization of field development 


Projects in Iceland: In low- and high-enthalpy systems.

Projects worldwide: China, India, Kenya, Hungary, El Salvador. 

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