Geothermal exploration, development and utilization of the Námafjall/Bjarnarflag area

Client: Landsvirkjun
Location: Northeast of Iceland
Date: 1960 - ongoing
Coordinator at ÍSOR: Magnús Ólafsson

Project goals

Extensive geothermal exploration of the high temperature area of Námafjall/Bjarnarflag, dating some five decades back. This consisted of geological and geothermal mapping, resistivity measurements, gravity measurements and geochemical study. The main aim was to compile extensive data for a conceptual model of the geothermal system. At present a 3 MWe is installed and running. Some 14 geothermal wells have been drilled.

ÍSOR services

ÍSOR, and its predecessor National Energy Authority (NEA) has been the main geoscience/exploration company working on this geothermal project at Námafjall/Bjarnarflag. ÍSOR has provided most of the geothermal research carried out in the field as well as:

  • volumetric assessment
  • numerical modelling
  • conceptual modelling
  • siting of all wells
  • well testing
  • providing consultancy and monitoring of the drilling itself
  • geothermal and geological mapping
  • resistivity measurements
  • gravimetric measurement and monitoring
  • geochemical studies
  • geochemical monitoring
  • groundwater monitoring
  • environmental monitoring
  • well logging
  • reservoir monitoring