Geothermal exploration, development and utilization of the Krafla area

Geothermal Power Plant Krafla, NE Iceland. Photo Ásgeir Eggertsson.

Client: Landsvirkjun

Location: Northeast of Iceland
Date: 1974 - ongoing
Coordinator at ÍSOR: Magnús Ólafsson

Project goals

Extensive geothermal exploration of the high temperature area of Krafla, dating four decades back. This consisted of geological and geothermal mapping, resistivity measurements, gravity measurements and geochemical study. The main aim was to compile extensive data for a conceptual model of the geothermal system. The first turbine went online in 1977. At the moment the Krafla Powerplant is producing 60 MW of electricity. Some 40 deep geothermal wells have been drilled.

ÍSOR services

ÍSOR, and its predecessor National Energy Authority (NEA) has been the main geoscience/exploration company working on this geothermal project at Krafla. ÍSOR has provided most of the research carried out in the field as well as:

  • volumetric assessment
  • numerical modelling
  • conceptual modelling
  • siting of all wells
  • well testing
  • providing consultancy and monitoring of the drilling itself
  • geothermal and geological mapping
  • resistivity measurements
  • gravimetric measurement and monitoring
  • geochemical studies
  • geochemical monitoring
  • groundwater monitoring
  • environmental monitoring
  • well logging
  • reservoir monitoring