Ethical values of ÍSOR

Ethical values of ÍSOR

ÍSOR’s staff honour the general ethical values for civil servants, the guidelines of the United Nations (Ten principles of UN Global Compact), and, as appropriate, the ethical codes of the professional associations and of the University of Iceland. Furthermore, ÍSOR’s staff honour these ethical codes and values: 


  • ÍSOR preserves a valuable and important expertise on natural and geological resources. This is obtained via research in geosciences and technological development. 
  • Employees of ÍSOR improve their knowledge and skills and disseminate to colleagues, clients and the public.
  • Published reports, submissions, drawings and maps are identified with ÍSOR‘s logo as well as the author’s. The same applies to educational and promotional material organized and published by ÍSOR. 


  • Employees of ÍSOR work at projects responsibly and with the greatest respect for nature, customers and partners, in Iceland and abroad.
  • Employees of ÍSOR work at projects honestly, professionally and fairly, and promote transparent working practices and good relations.
  • Employees of ÍSOR avoid conflicts of interest, realize potential interests and ensure there is no cause for mistrust.
  • Employees of ÍSOR look out for their own mental and physical health as well as that of their colleagues, they put safety, health and well-being in the forefront.
  • Employees of ÍSOR strive to build trust in their work and guard the reputation of ÍSOR. This implies, among other things, appropriate dressing and moderate alcohol consumption.
  • At ÍSOR there is a strong emphasis on equality at the workplace, regardless of sex.
  • Employees of ÍSOR honour the contributions of others and duly refer to their work.

Social responsibility

  • The activities of ÍSOR contribute to the protection of nature and the utilization of geological resources, in harmony with the environment and for the benefit of society.
  • Employees of ÍSOR counteract corruption and neither accept nor seek gifts or benefits that may be considered as favours or remunerations for special services.
  • Employees of ÍSOR respect human rights and condemn all violations of them. Thus, it does not comply with ÍSOR‘s ideology to buy or accept prostitution services or visit strip clubs.