Bullying, harrassment and violence at ÍSOR

Bullying, sexual harrassment and violence is in no circumstances tolerated at ÍSOR. This plan relies on regulation No. 1009/2015 regarding measures against bullying, sexual harrassment and violence in the workplace.

What is bullying, harrassment and violence?

Bullying is a repeated unreasonable and/or offending behaviour towards work colleagues. The manifestation of bullying may be negative and/or frightening repeated relations which cause trauma to a work colleague. Disagreement regarding projects, interests and difference of opinion are not considered as bullying.

Gender related harrassment is negative behaviour associated with the victim‘s gender that might offend and traumatize the victim.

Sexual harrassment is a sexual relationship against the will of a work colleague that might offend the victim. Flirting is not considered as sexual harrassment unless it constitutes repeated and unwelcome behaviour.

Violence is behaviour that may cause a physical or a psychological damage

Contingency plan

When an employee feels that he/she has been subject to bullying, sexual harrassment, gender related harrassment or violence or knows of such behaviour he/she shall inform the Personnel Manager, or a member of the management trusted by the employee, i.e. the Head of Division, the Chief Project Manager or the CEO.
ÍSOR commits itself to react as soon as possible if a suggestion or a complaint of bullying, harrassment or violence is made.  The criterion is that an investigation regarding each incident begins within a week from the receipt of the notice. Each case is evaluated by a member of the management in co-operation with the victim and an external adviser if necessary.

Contingency plan when a complaint is received:

  1. The first step is a conversation between the victim and the personnel manager/member of the management during which more detailed information is sought after. A confidant chosen by the victim shall be present too if the victim so wishes. A short confidential memo is written, other work colleagues are not informed yet except for the CEO.
  2. The next step involves evaluating whether there is a pressing need for the victim to obtain professional help as soon as possible which is then provided and ensured that further harrassment is stopped. This might be accomplished by movement or changed locations of the parties within the workplace.
  3. The next step is an impartial investigation of the facts of the case supervised by the personnel manager during which the interests of the victim are paramount. Those concerned will be contacted but care taken that more people than necessary are not involved in the case. If needed professional parties outside ÍSOR will be consulted. A memo including the times and parties involves is written and all information is treated confidentially. Data regarding the case is stored in a personnel file in a locked safe in the Personnel Manager‘s office.
  4. Subsequently a solution to the case is sought in conjunction with the victim. This may int. al. involve a change in the work plan, procedures, the assistance of external advisers. If the result is that bullying, harrassment or violence has taken place it is possible to carry out the following measures depending on the seriosness of the case:

a.    The offender gets a warning followed by advice and the possibility of mending his/her ways.
b.    The offender receives a formal reprimand.
c.    The offender is sacked from his job.

Serious incidents will be referred to the police if the victim agrees. If a suitable solution is not arrived at in the opinion of the complainant, then he/she can take up the case with his/her union or the Occupational Safety and Health Authority.

If the offender is not an employee but bullying, harrassment or violence takes place against an employee of ÍSOR while he/she is attending to his/her job the member of management immediately above the employee shall investigate the evidence and initiate measures to prevent such incidents from being repeated.