Applications for Internships

Iceland GeoSurvey wishes to contribute to the dissemination of geothermal knowledge and technical expertise, in Iceland and elsewhere. To this end, Iceland GeoSurvey aims to accommodate up to two interns each year. The accommodation includes office space and admittance to research facilities at ISOR as well as supervision of an geothermal expert but no other financial support. This internship is limited to graduate students in geosciences, mechanical and chemical engineering as well as physics and chemistry that relates to earth sciences. Recommended internship duration is 5-6 months, starting in the period from September to March.

The application deadline for internships is April 1 each year. An application should include the CV of the applicant, certificates that confirm University exams and a statement of the student´s interest within the geothermal sector.

All applications are evaluated at that time on the basis of the project situation, labor situation, language skills, education, fields of interest etc.

We welcome your application along with your CV.