Advanced 3D Geophysical Imaging Technologies for Geothermal Resource Characterization

7 participants: ÍSOR, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) USA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA, Reykjavik University (RU), Landsvirkjun Power, Reykjavík Energy and HS-Orka.

Supported by GEORG, GEOthermal Research Group:
Coordinator at ÍSOR: Knútur Árnason

This project is the Icelandic part of a comprehensive Icelandic/USA cooperative project under the IPGT agreement. The USA partners are LBL and MIT. The focus is on the development of joint geophysical imaging methodologies using complimentary data for geothermal site characterization and demonstrate their potential in three areas: Krafla, the Reykjanes-Hengill areas and Coso in the USA. The emphasis is on Electro-Magnetic, gravity and earthquake data. The joint inversion will be made in an innovative paradigm of joint geometry rather than parametric correlation. It is divided into four increasingly ambitious stages, from state of the art to fully joint inversion.


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